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Episode 39 - GABF '19 Parleaux Beer Lab

The second episode from our Great American Beer Festival coverage is a story of big hearts and bold brews. Parleaux Beer Lab's founder Eric Jensen joined us for a deep dive into the science of his craft, infused with an unmistakable affection for the people and culture of New Orleans.

Episode 38 - GABF '19 Barnaby Brewing Co.

Tap In, Geek Out returned to the Great American Beer Festival in October of 2019, and we're excited to (finally) bring you the incredible collection of breweries that were kind enough to share their time and stories. Our first episode from the festival coverage set a tone of humanity, strength, and grace that turned out to be a common theme we heard throughout the weekend. Matt and Kelly Barnaby made the nearly-3000 mile trek from Juneau, Alaska with an assortment of beers that were as exceptional and inspiring as their journey to bring Barnaby Brewing Co. to life... Twice!

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