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Episode 37 - Wrinkling the Stone

We would never leave your poor heart alone here on Tap In, Geek Out. This week Doug & Eric revisit one of our favorite segments, The Wrinkly Sack. Doug's turn to choose the film meant that we got to dig deep for buried treasure in one of his all-time favorite movies; the 1984 Robert Zemeckis classic Romancing the Stone. How many Eddy Grant references can we jam in between our gushing over the sultry and alluring tones of Kathleen Turner? Join us with a cold one, and feel free to sing along.

Episode 36 - Far From Strange

Storming the Radio Shack at Starcourt Mall while armed to the teeth with fireworks is how we wish we spent the 80’s, unfortunately Doug & Eric were busy sneaking warm beers behind the neighborhood pool, dreaming of the day when we could barely write two sentences of copy for a podcast description. Thankfully for you listeners, our resident comic book expert Carl Lundeen is here to provide some insight into the new Spider-Man flick and how it compares to some sonnet he wrote about the Bolshevik revolution in the eighth grade. We really appreciate the break, we’re elated to be back, and hopefully this won’t be the last time you read something this doltish from us in 2019. The Summer Beer (listen for Carl's recipe) ~11% ABV, negligible IBU: Doug 4.5/5

Episode 35 - Tappy New Year!

Recorded literally at the zero hour, Doug and Eric put the year to rest with an hour of reflection, prediction, anticipation, and other word choices we’d often shun. A brief look back on the year that was leads into a discussion about all of the pop culture that will shape the year to come. 2018 was a big year for our little beercast, and we owe that to YOU; our loyal listeners and gracious guests!BEERSUpslope Brewing Company's Blood Orange Saison - 6.0% ABV, 25 IBU: Eric 4.5/54 Noses Brewing Company's Bubblin Brut IPA - 8.1% ABV, 20 IBU: Doug 4.25/5This is the bad-ass mini arcade cabinet emulator we reviewed!Tap In, Geek Out's Fearless Predictions for 2019- Tap In, Geek Out will cover Great American Beer Festival 2019- First brewery interview outside of Colorado- Six new brewery interviews before October- You will be ours, Jason Lee & 4 Noses Brewing...- New Tool album in 2019! (recycled from 2017)- The Chiefs *or* Cowboys will play in Super Bowl LIII- Eric will land a kickflip

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