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Episode 9 - Ego Shoots, We Swallow

SPOILER ALERT! Doug and Eric are joined by Bitfaced's Tyler "Run TRG" Glaze for a spoiler-filled review of James Gunn's side-splitting, seed-spilling Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We wash down that creamy Marvel goodness with an appropriately-themed beer while questioning our place in the Whoniverse. The Challenged are Chugging: 4 Noses Brewing's Proboscis Galaxy American Pale Ale - 60 IBU, 5.8% ABV Tyler: 4/5 (…with full marks for his pronunciation), Eric: 4.4/5,  Doug: 4.44/5 Lead-in song: The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac

Episode 8 - Upstaged by Captain A-hole

Doug & Eric are joined by Rebecca and Tyler from Bitfaced to ponder old movies, new games, divisive punctuation and the difficulty of a good accent. We talk Cloak & Dagger (1984), Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Oxford comma before a surprise appearance by Cap for Kid's Sterling Bailey barely salvages our Accent Challenge bit. 00:00 - The Challenged are Chugging: Tommyknocker Brewery's Imperial Breakfast Porter: 20 IBU, 8.8% ABV Rebecca: 0/5 Tyler: 4.5/5 Eric: 4/5 Doug: 4.1/5 Lead-in song: "The Green Zone" theme from Sega's original Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) 02:51 - New segment, The Wrinkly Old Sack! We pull a classic gem from our sack: 1984's Cloak & Dagger. 16:21 - The weird, manic forces at work behind the two new Sonic the Hedgehog titles. 24:01 - We may have pulled this topic out of our colons, but everyone has an opinion on the Oxford comma! 29:08 - The Project Challenge: Accents! Listen as we damage international relations Trump-stylie. Donate and learn more about Rebecca and Sterling's amazing charity on facebook @cap4kids, or the official website at http://www.capforkids.org/ . If nothing else, use AmazonSmile to let your purchases make a difference! https://smile.amazon.com/ch/81-1435291

Episode 7 - Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Doug and Eric devote an episode to the flurry of announcements and activity from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a dash of Justice League and America Gods thrown in for good measure. Somehow the conversation devolves into a defense of Dane Cook, before we wax sentimental on comedy theory and the creative process. OBLIGATORY SPOILER ALERT!!! The Challenged are Chugging: Aspen Brewing Company's This Season's Blonde. 24 IBU, 5.6% ABV- Eric 4/5 Oskar Blues Brewery's Dale's Pale Ale. 65 IBU, 6.5% ABV - Doug 3.8/5 Lead-in song: Dizzy by Tommy Roe What's Eric Playing? Horizon Zero Dawn compared to Breath of the Wild Reactions on the latest Justice League and Spider-man trailers. Marvel's Inhumans & Iron Fist, and their production team disparity. AMERICAN GODS ARE COMING, Dane Cook is still a piece of shit.

Episode 6 - Even Pitfall Harry Came Back

The Challenged are Chugging: Four Noses Brewing Company's Bareback Blonde American Blonde Ale.  12 IBU, 6.5% ABV- Eric 5/5 Perrin Brewing Company's 98 Problems (Cuz A Hop Ain't One)  American IPA.  60 IBU, 6.5% ABV - Doug 4/5   Lead-in Song:  Going Backwards by Depeche Mode   On the music front: We give our first impressions on the new Depeche Mode album "Spirit", and The Shins latest effort "Heartworms", before offering commentary on streaming music vs physical media.   Eric is playing:  Lego Worlds, we also touch on the Switch-exclusive Blaster Master and the upcoming Dark Souls DLC   We were both underwhelmed with the first episode of Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix, but will offer a full review once we've completed the series (which will probably have to wait until we've consumed the also just-released Dave Chappelle specials).   You Wouldn't Download a Car:  A rundown on the most pirated movies from the past week.   The Project: CHALLENGE Adult Mad Libs app:  1/5 Eric's Mad Lib: 32.3333% (repeating, of course)

Episode 5 - Cody Crump

Eric & Doug welcome special guest Cody Crump this week to school us in the dialects of tonsil hockey and unrequited love expressed in his new EP "Hola", releasing today on all music streaming platforms.  Mr. Crump joins Project: CHALLENGED from his home studio in Los Angeles as we discuss his styles, influences, Colorado roots, John Travolta and cake theft.   Listen to Cody on iTunes & Spotify in addition to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcfkbpNWBDqwgH-b2nkCGGA SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/codycrump   Follow Cody on Twitter and Instagram @codycrump Official webpage:  codycrump.com Tumblr:  https://codycrump.tumblr.com/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/codycrumpmusic/

Episode 4 - Logan, Link, and Legion

Doug & Eric sandwich reviews of the latest entries in the X-Men TV and movie franchises around a thick cut of first impressions on the new Legend of Zelda title. #SPOILERALERT #Logan #BreathOfTheWild #Legion   The Challenged are Chugging:  @OskarBlues Priscilla American Wit: 5.2% ABV, 20 IBUS Eric and Doug both give this brew a 3 out of 5   Lead-in song:  You're So Cool by Hans Zimmer, from the True Romance Original Soundtrack   Deadpool teaser Reynold's YouTube channel :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5ezsReZcxU   HUGE thanks to: @Bitfaced for hosting in the BitCave studio Mahatma Gone T for sharing his brand-new Nintendo Switch @MoviecampCO for throwing a great event with the Logan premier

Episode 3 - Virtually Blown

Doug & Eric are virtually blown away by the PS4 VR Gear:  Perfect Pint Phil invited Project: CHALLENGED to commandeer his living room and PlayStation for an afternoon, then joins your hosts in discussion of the sexy, sweaty, sometimes sickening experience of VR gaming.   Lead-In Song:  Battle (Boss) by Box-Cat http://freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/   The Challenged are Chugging: Eric:  Epic Brewing Company's Brainless On Peaches Belgian-Style Ale 3/5 Doug:  Ballast Point's Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter 4.5/5 Perfect Pint Phil:  Guinness Stout (perfectly poured, of course):  5/5  Side note -  TIL Guinness is actually *RED*, not black!   PS4 VR games covered: Assorted PlayStation VR Worlds Batman Arkham VR Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission Resident Evil 7 biohazard   Other 2D topics covered include:   Trump & the state of WTF   Masaya Nakamura's passing and the indelible impact Pac-Man and Namco had on gaming   The Tomb Raider movie series reboot, featuring the talented Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft   World of Warcraft is still a thing!   NowInStock.net:  Perfect Pint Phil's Pro-Tip for getting your hands on limited-quantity merchandise!   The upcoming Friday the 13th video game title   Kevin Smith's slow decline in the theaters compared to his reaffirmation as a podcasting champ   Assorted & sundry geekiness

Episode 2 - Do Vulcans Menstruate Green Blood?

Episode 02 neatly ignores the drunken episode Doug & Eric taped last week in favor of bringing you coherent conversation and dope-ass dialog.  We cover beer, politics, music, movies, games and much more!   The Challenged are Chugging: Crabtree Brewing Company's Peach Habanero Imperial Red Ale, Doug & Eric both rate it a 4/5 Great Divide Brewing Company's Colette Farmhouse Ale, Eric 5/5 Bristol Brewing's Wireless Warlock Barrel Aged Stout, Doug 3.5/5 "The Blonde" referenced from last week's unaired footage was Aspen Brewing's This Season's Blonde, Doug 4/5   Topics include:   Trump's inauguration and the Women's March   Nine Inch Nails and the new EP Not The Actual Events & upcoming albums by other artists https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-the-actual-events/id1188499362   We revisit this year's comic book movie slate (this time in the correct order! ) including recent rumors on the Deadpool sequel and DC's Green Lantern Corp.   Top pirated movies from last week   Apple to produce original TV/movie content   Injustice 2   Eric's street lingo put to the test

Episode 1 - Origin Story

The Challenged Are Chugging:  Stone Brewing's Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut Scotch Ale. Doug's rating:  4/5 Eric's rating:  DNP   Lead-in song:  Vampires Suck, Zombies Rule by Astrometrics.  Listen to the full track and other songs on their Free Music Archive page. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Astrometrics/   The pilot episode kicks off with introductions from your hosts and A Brief History of Crime; aka the origins of the "Project Challenged" title.   Eric & Doug discuss Super Mario Run as new territory into which Nintendo is forging as they release an entry to their most popular franchise on a competitor's mobile platform   The dialog continues with their spoiler-filled thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as they both forget Chirrut Îmwe's name, but agree that he definitely isn't a Jedi.  Dead-eyed Tarkin, Punny Vader, and the ethics of CG Leia are all covered with the bonus feature of Eric singing the Star Wars closing theme.   Speculation turns to the upcoming Han Solo title, and what a buddy cop movie would look like in a galaxy far, far away before they completely butcher the timeline for the 2017 slate of comic book movies.  Hey, that's what the Internet is for:  http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/comic-book-adaptations/32829/69-upcoming-comic-book-movies-and-when-to-expect-them In the Segment That Should Never Have Been, your hosts air their differences on the last two Star Trek films.  Eric is a proud member of Boy Band Beyond, while Doug prefers the Member Berry-infused-cover-band-familiarity of Into Darkness.   Next up is coverage on Blizzard's event celebrating 20 years of Diablo across all of their active properties, and Eric sneaks in a glowing endorsement for Mafia III. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20407578   On Eric's Radar:  The Logan movie & the upcoming Spider-Man title on PS4   Episode 1 wraps up with fearless predictions for 2017.  Statistics suggest…  Nothing.  There is no science to be found here. The Cowboys and Chiefs will square off in Super Bowl LI Tool will finally release a new album Apple will debut it’s a la carte streaming TV service Microsoft will launch an XBOX One-compatible HoloLens Trump will cause America to get nuked

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